Dr. Segun Ojarotade

“A successful journey of a thousand miles begins with small short practical steps”

The concept of ESTEM was borne out of a desire to create a shift from wrong mentality; make a change from old norm; create opportunities; advance a course and eventually make impact by offering global remedy.

Economic challenges, financial hardship and unemployment or under employment are major problems of virtually all the continents of the world today, many people look up to the government for solutions, but alas!, the solutions are not with the government, but with us as the citizens of one country or the other.

Many students are studying and have studied sciences, but most of them cannot convert the theories learnt to real life hands- on practical that could proffer solutions to the myriads problems of the world.

As the name implies, ESTEM brings a new method at solving the seemingly absent interconnection or link between science and technology on one hand and entrepreneurship on the other hand. It has been discovered that many projects of science and technology that could have given rise to the solutions of major global problems today have been left to rot in some laboratories and sites simply because reasonable awareness has not been created about such projects and the inventors who are mainly young scientists are being discouraged and have taken quick solution to economic challenges by taking on jobs that are not related to their fields of natural endowments or gifting.
Entrepreneurship has been proven not only to be the impetus for growth and economic prosperity, but also serves as the foundation for the transformation of the modern economies. Equally, entrepreneur-ism has emerged as a viable option to spur local economic development in downtime’s. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs ability to move technology from the scientific discovery stage to commercially successful products/services is central to that transformational process. Unfortunately, there is an apparent death of science and technology entrepreneurship capital in Africa

Taking Nigeria as a case study and many other West African countries, countless number of science and technology projects has been abandoned; this has culminated into unimaginable if not monumental wastes and losses. A lot of money, time, energy and invaluable human and material resources have been consciously and unconsciously wasted. Many talented graduates of higher institutions of the world have become frustrated and are either not using the results of their projects at all or in few cases are using such results in inhuman ways.

Therefore, the negligence or abandonment of the results, products and projects related to science and technology may in turn turn-back to hit the world with more problems than anyone could imagine. ‘When a solution is not utilized, it may eventually metamorphose into a problem’.

For ease of understanding, our essences as ESTEM are:
i) To demonstrate that there is a link between science, technology and entrepreneurship.

ii) Every project should have an identified monetary value or profitable market, if not in the short run but in the long run or both.

iii) Abandoned projects of science and technology should be exhumed with the influence of entrepreneurial knowledge and management.

iv) To encourage a positive collaborative effort between young scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs all over the world through relationship and friendly intra and inter scholastic competitions.

v) To inculcate into youths creative, productive, resourceful and profitable marriage of science, technology and entrepreneurship, thereby making them not only rich adults, but world changers and global solution providers.

vi) A channel of marketing or profiting to be created for young talented youths who in spite of their gifts and creativity especially in the area of science and technology are still languishing in abject poverty through easily identified institutional framework linking them through ESTEM to relevant corporate organizations nationally and internationally.

vii) Enhancement of continuity of science and technology-based projects through exposure and link with relevant governmental and non- governmental agencies.

viii) Creation of positive focus for the youths in order to make them channel their efforts and energies into constructive not destructive science and technology ventures.

ix) Exposure of youths to different cultures, traditions and socioeconomic developments of other countries through travel and interaction with such people all over the world.

ESTEM is a key source of economic and social progress So, let’s begin this journey that will ultimately bring light of solution for the disappearance of darkness of ignorance and levity via state, national and global professional, purpose free, fair and friendly intra and inter scholastic competitions.


Dr. Segun Ojarotade
National Coordinator, ESTEM Nigeria.