Participation Procedures in ESTEM Programs

These are the procedures for any ESTEM team to participate in ESTEM programs:
i) A group of students in secondary school with an adult preferably a teacher form an ESTEM extracurricular club which is duly registered with the school or respective academic institution.
ii) The teacher in charge of the team may act as the instructor, but the service of a science teacher may be germane for smooth and effective running of the team.
iii) The team must embark on a science based project which must have elements of marketability and profitability. That is, it must be presentable enough to be offered for sale in a common market.
iv) In addition to the project being a science and technology based project with a defined and saleable product, the project must have no negative effect on the environment, but rather it should contribute meaningfully to environmental protection.
v) It is important for every instructor or teacher in charge of school based ESTEM to attend annual training programs organized by the coordinating ESTEM unit in the state or region as ratified by the ESTEM secretariat (national or global).