The main focus of ESTEM is Wealth Creation through the application of entrepreneurial skill and management into science and technology.

we develop and encourages the consciousness of viable and durable production or manufacturing which will release any nation from the fangs of poverty primarily and set a motion for continuous and sustainable economic development. This is apt for many developing countries who are solely dependent on exportation of their natural resources as an easy way of realizing national income rather than diversifying into manufacturing to enhance national wealth and consequently development.

Developing countries will benefit immensely from this formula to sustain their economies as it will keep the feet of their future generation on the solid ground of development through constant practice of discoveries consolidated with the knowledge of entrepreneurship.

In addition, the projects encouraged in ESTEM are not only wealth creating but also environmentally friendly, this will inculcate the consciousness of environmental protection in our youths and the world would eventually be a better place for us to live.