ESTEM Method of  Operation: A school or non-school based group of young and vibrant scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs come together with definite roles which are aggregated for the betterment of their individual and collective lives; positive influence and improvements of their immediate communities and focus on regional and global solutions to create wealth in a honest and truthful manner that will not in any way distort the existing frame work and preserve posterity for the future generation.

Such group is coordinated and controlled by an adult who could be a teacher in the field of science or social science or any field of academic endeavour if he or she is interested and committed to advancing the cause for which ESTEM stands for. The adult or teacher is referred to as the ESTEM Instructor.

A collaborative relationship is established by the ESTEM team with academic institutions, private establishments, NGOs and government institutions or establishments.

All these efforts culminate into a definite science and technology based innovative project with a product which is marketable and profitable or with evidential process of profitability.

The project is presented in state, national and international competitions with other projects. Winners at these various levels are determined by eminent personalities who have succeeded and distinguished themselves at various kinds and level of endeavours in a most transparent manner in accordance with the ESTEM laid down judging criteria. Such winners are presented with medals, trophies, cash awards and materials which could further enhance their projects and create channels of expanding the horizon for the advertisement, marketability and profitability of their products.

These awards and others would be presented during a special dinner at the finals of each state, national and global competitions where eminent personalities, successful business men and women, accomplished scientists and technologists, leaders of government establishments, community leaders and distinguished personalities would grace such occasions.