ESTEM is the acronym For Empowerment of Science and Technology with Entrepreneurial Management.

Our Vision: To ensure that science and technology product end up in the market profitably through the application of entrepreneurial management skills.

Our Mission: To Create channels for the existence of science and technology product in the secondary schools and among youths in the common market.

Focus: – The Major Focus of ESTEM is to inculcate the skills and management of entrepreneurship into the invention of Science and Technology Product in such a way to enhance the marketability and profitability of the product of science and technology.

How ESTEM Works: A group of youth in Secondary schools and high schools develop a product through a science and technology-based project in a community or school-based arrangement. such product, via project are presented to a panel of judges in a competition manner.

Outstanding project/product are identified and possible marketing channels are proffered through related corporate organization.

The project is presented in state, national and international competitions with other projects. Winners at these various levels are determined by eminent personalities who have succeeded and distinguished themselves at various kinds and level of endeavours in a most transparent manner in accordance with the ESTEM laid down judging criteria. Such winners are presented with medals, trophies, cash awards and materials which could further enhance their projects and create channels of expanding the horizon for the advertisement, marketability and profitability of their products.

These awards and others would be presented during a special dinner at the finals of each state, national and global competitions where eminent personalities, successful business men and women, accomplished scientists and technologists, leaders of government establishments, community leaders and distinguished personalities would grace such occasions. Overall winners will compete at global level.