Welcome to ESTEM Nigeria

ESTEM is the acronym For Empowerment of Science and Technology with Entrepreneurial Management.


Dr. Segun Ojarotade

“A successful journey of a thousand miles begins with small short practical steps”

The concept of ESTEM was borne out of a desire to create a shift from wrong mentality; make a change from old norm; create opportunities; advance a course and eventually make impact by offering global remedy.

Economic challenges, financial hardship and unemployment or under employment are major problems of virtually all the continents of the world today, many people look up to the government for solutions, but alas!, the solutions are not with the government, but with us as the citizens of one country or the other.

Many students are studying and have studied sciences, but most of them cannot convert the theories learnt to real life hands- on practical that could proffer solutions to the myriads problems of the world.

As the name implies, ESTEM brings a new method at solving the seemingly absent interconnection or link between science and technology on one hand and entrepreneurship on the other hand. It has been discovered that many projects of science and technology that could have given rise to the solutions of major global problems today have been left to rot in some laboratories and sites simply because reasonable awareness has not been created about such projects and the inventors who are mainly young scientists are being discouraged and have taken quick solution to economic challenges by taking on jobs that are not related to their fields of natural endowments or gifting.


Our Vision

To ensure that science and technology product end up in the market profitably through the application of entrepreneurial management skills.

Our Mission

To Create channels for the existence of science and technology product in the secondary schools and among youths in the common market

Our Focus

The main focus of ESTEM is Wealth Creation through the application of entrepreneurial skill and management into science and technology

Method of Operation

A school or non-school based group of young and vibrant scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs come together with definite roles which are aggregated

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